frequently asked questions

Where are the files kept - do I need a server?
You don't need your own server. The files will be stored remotely on a server operated by your web host - a company that specialises in hosting websites and guarantees reliability and data security.

Who will my web host be - you?
You can choose your own web host or I will suggest a company which will fulfil your particular needs. I don't operate a webhost myself nor will I insist that you use a particular organisation.

Can I get free web hosting?
Webhosting costs vary depending on your needs. It is possible to obtain free hosting - your internet service provider may offer this. Paid hosting is faster and more reliable, and is surprisingly cheap - the hosting for this site cost less than €15 for the first year.

Can I have my own domain name?
Of course. In fact, I recommend that you have your own domain name; it doesn't cost very much and makes your website and email addresses much more memorable. Plus, you're more likely to get a good ranking in the search engines with your own domain.

How much will it cost?
Probably less than you think. Because I work alone, my overheads are low and I can keep costs to a minimum. Contact me for a quote or further information.

I've only got a dialup connection - can I have a website?
Because the files are stored remotely, you do not need a fast connection. In fact, you don't actually need an internet connection at all - although I'd recommend that you do have one so that you can be contacted by Email.

What does standards compliant mean and why is it important?
The languages of the web are defined by standards maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Writing websites that comply with these standards ensures that the content will be accessible to the maximum number of internet users, and will continue to operate correctly in future applications. You can check if a web page is compliant by using the W3C Validator.
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